All garage doors for the most part are capable comparably and have a similar reason — permitting vehicles, individuals, and other gear to move all through a garage or other huge space. Yet, there are a couple of outstanding qualifications among commercial and residential garage doors. The fundamental distinction lies in the name — residential garage doors are for homes, and commercial garage doors are for business or modern purposes. For what reason do we have to have these particular kinds of garage doors, and what are the commercial and residential garage door contrasts? Peruse on to figure out additional about these sorts of garage doors, and find which is better for you.


One of the primary distinctions you might see among residential and commercial garage doors is their size. For the most part, commercial garage doors are a lot greater, to oblige bigger vehicles, however, that relies upon their planned use. Garage doors that need to fit enormous semi-trucks or commercial hardware should be a lot bigger than your run-of-the-mill residential garage door.

The standard level is seven feet for residential garage doors, and most are somewhere in the range of eight and nine feet wide. Bigger and altered sizes are accessible for mortgage holders with RVs or other remarkable circumstances, yet these are generally uniquely designed residential garage doors. Commercial doors could suit a bigger application on a residential property, for example, for an RV. Be that as it may, before introducing a bigger door like this on your property, check in with your mortgage holders’ affiliation — if material — to see whether there are any limitations to garage door size for your area.

Another size-related contrast between these two sorts of doors is their weight. While all garage doors are generally weighty, most residential garage doors weigh around 200 pounds, and commercial doors are a lot heavier. Garage doors made for commercial use, by and large, comprise sturdier, weightier materials, with a completed commercial garage door frequently weighing 1,000 pounds or more.


One more principal distinction between commercial and residential garage doors is the materials utilized for the actual doors. Residential garage doors can comprise a great many materials, including various kinds of wood and metals, contingent upon every mortgage holder’s financial plan, style, and taste. Different materials give unmistakable looks and can match other outside components’ styles. Every one of these materials might have various upsides and downsides — wooden doors might give the most extreme visual appeal, while steel doors include dependable solidness.

Then again, commercial garage doors have a much smaller field of ordinarily utilized materials. Since these doors typically pass through a lot of heavier obligation utilization and ought to be solid, commercial garage doors frequently comprise modern-strength metals like steel, aluminum, or metal mixes. These garage doors should face the expanded mileage of opening and shutting all the time, considerably more than a normal home garage door. These uncompromising metal doors’ appearance matches the modern look of numerous commercial structures and may be watched awkwardly in a residential setting.


For residential garage doors, appearance is a considerably more critical element than for commercial doors. A garage door is in many cases a significant piece of the home’s curb appeal, particularly if it’s essential for a connected garage before the house. Therefore, numerous residential garage doors have added visual elements like windows, unmistakable equipment, plans, and varieties. A great many tones and plan decisions guarantee property holders can track down a garage door that finds a place with the house plan’s general taste. Landowners frequently pick their garage door to match outside highlights on the remainder of the house for the firmest look.

Notwithstanding, with commercial doors, appearance is many times undeniably less fundamental. While numerous commercial modern structures need a durable look, the right appearance for this sort of design will be a more smoothed-out, utilitarian door. Commercial garage doors will quite often be unassuming for all intents and purposes, without the special tones, plans, and elements you’d track down on a residential garage door. They are much of a time basis and have a roll-up or level door style, with unbiased tones like white, beige, or dim. While the emphasis is more on commercial doors’ capability, they can in any case be appealing, particularly with a smooth, current style.

Contrast IN VALUE

While looking at commercial versus residential garage doors, one thing you might see immediately is a significant contrast in the expenses in question. Commercial garage doors are by and large significantly more costly to buy, introduce, and fix. That is a result of the sturdier materials utilized for commercial garage doors, and the modern quality that makes them solid and ready to face heavier use. Commercial doors should likewise satisfy a higher security guideline and are many times exclusively fit a specific space and reason, driving the expenses up. They should have uniquely planned door openers that can hold these bigger, sturdier doors’ additional weight and endure more incessant utilization.

The more exorbitant cost tag related to commercial doors is a predominant explanation they’re not normal in residential regions. These bigger doors’ additional expenses by and large make them superfluous for use in a home garage.


Commercial and residential garage doors have numerous distinctions, and getting to know every one of these can assist you with pursuing the best decision for your requirements. Anything that kind of garage door you want, you can track down at CCM Garage Door. . For home garages, shop our determination of residential garage doors and openers to find the best style that matches your home plan. Furthermore, for business use, shop our commercial garage doors for choices that give the additional strength and security your business needs.

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