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Why Lifestyle is Your Best Choice

CCM Overhead Doors-lifestyle-screens-2_orig So why is Lifestyle the best choice for you? After all, there are plenty of garage screen products that are readily available in the market right now. However, none of them can actually measure up to the level of quality of the Lifestyle Screen. It offers a much higher degree of durability and functionality.

The frame used in the construction of the Lifestyle Screen is a 2”x2” architectural grade aluminum with a baked-on finish. We use a system that runs on a maintenance-free track system, it’s independent but not that different from the system sued in your primary garage door tracks. 

Our Lifestyle Screen system is a fully spring-loaded, counterbalanced system that makes raising and lowering nearly effortless. Our optional door-within-a-door feature allows for easy entry as well as exit. The Lifestyle Screen actually occupies the very same position as your garage door when it’s in use. It’s simply incomparable as it offers a broad range of features and benefits that other garage screen systems simply can’t match. This is the ultimate garage screen system that will serve you and your family for years to come. Lifestyle Screens is the only garage screen system for you!

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The Most Versatile Garage Screen on the Planet

The more space you can use in your home, the better! Your entire family would most definitely agree, which is why everyone’s always looking for that additional space! And that’s why these days, more and more homeowners are turning to their garages to find additional space in their existing homes. The Lifestyle garage screen system allows homeowners to do just that! The Lifestyle is a fully retractable, spring-loaded system that works in conjunction with your existing garage door. Going from a garage to an airy, pest-free space is a snap and takes just seconds! When you are done enjoying the great outdoors, simply retract the Lifestyle and put your garage door down as usual. It’s that easy!

Lifestyle Screens Offer Endless Possibilities!

With our Lifestyle Screen system, the possibilities are simply endless. You can transform your garage into almost any type of space with the help of our screen system. Think of any use for your garage space and our garage screen system will help you in making that transformation a reality! Imagine having any of the following through the help of our products:

Those are just some of the possibilities and there are many more! It also helps that our products offer plenty of options in terms of sizes, frame colors, and screen fabrics to choose from. If you want, custom sizes are also available.

It’s Not Just a Screen, It’s a Lifestyle!

Do you have a vision for your home and you want to make it a reality right away? At CCM Overhead Doors, we are motivated to help you realize your vision. In fact, we’ve made your vision, our purpose!


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