Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken Garage Door Springs

CCM Overhead Doors Your garage door is one of those things at home that you use so often that you tend to take it for granted. That’s just the reality of it. In fact, a lot of homeowners and their families actually use their garage door more than their home’s front door when entering or leaving their home. The garage door becomes the unofficial main door for most homes.

So imagine how jarring it would be if one day you find that you can’t open your garage door at all. It’s going to affect you and your family’s daily routine for sure and it would no doubt be stressful. There’s no way that you let it go too long without getting fixed.

However, should you try and fix the problem on your own? It’s likely a case of a broken garage door springs. Should you take on the responsibility of replacing it yourself or is it better to call on professionals to do the task instead?

However, those days aren’t going to last forever, regardless of the quality of your garage door. Eventually, a day will come when you’re going to start having difficulties with opening or closing your garage door. It might be a case of a malfunctioning garage door opener. This is another example of a garage door issue that non-professionals shouldn’t handle. Our qualified technicians at CCM Overhead Doors will handle this issue for you, so please contact us if this happens.

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Garage Door Springs - What They Are and Why They Break

CCM Overhead Doors What exactly are garage door springs and why do they break? Garage door springs are quite important because, without them, your garage door would be almost impossible to operate. You wouldn’t be able to open or close them because they’re too heavy and the springs help with lifting them.

There are two types of garage door springs – torsion and extension. You wouldn’t know the difference between the two by simply judging from their appearance. They’re both lengthy metal coils that function by lifting garage doors. The way the two garage door springs operate is what makes them distinct from one another.  Extension garage springs operate by compressing and expanding while torsion springs operate by twisting.

Now, how and why do they break? Similar to other garage door components, there are several reasons why garage door springs break. Some of those reasons are:

Broken Garage Door Springs

When garage door springs break, things can actually become a little dangerous. This is mostly due to the weight of the garage door, which makes it the heaviest moving component of your home. There’s an inherent risk there that’s only heightened when the garage door springs are broken. 

As far as signs that the springs are broken, there are also several that you can watch out for. 

That’s when you know you’ll need to call us at CCM Overhead Doors. We’re the garage door specialists of Oklahoma City and we can deal with any problem – broken garage door springs included.


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